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How you ever had a time when you wanted to figure out how much a product price changes in a format similar to a stock marke?

         Imagine you need to figure out the best selling antique items or other which are not listed in any online store and how the most re-occurring price changes over time or the most it sold for. UIE (Used Item Evaluator) solves this problem of comparison shopping and looking for the best item to sell for items that may not necessarily be sold online or their is trouble finding items. However, you could always use the automated E-Bay functionality if necessary to find an item or implement your own auction retrieval API for another website. You can even import a basic CSV file for manual entry of items into the database. Later, once I find a site to host the database, everything can be stored in one place for access and retrieval.


 Update (11/7/2016) - I will be updating this page soon with a link to the new UWP app on windows store. Please stay tuned to this page. I have made some changes that allow do not use the ebay api dll but use ebay xml directly.

Please remember to upload new versions of the source code when you find errors or develop or code improvements for the program.

Items available so far:

1. Visit the downloads for a PDF file giving instructions on how the program works. Anyone who wants programmer instructions needs to message me on codeplex.

2. I will need some participants or coders who will be willing to catalog their antique items and upload a copy of the database here.  

3. Look for the UIELL dll documentation link in the downloads section you should be able to access it now. Sorry if some of the functions are not documented but the important parts in the ItemInformation are documented in an easy to digest format and make it easy to catch an error if it happened to mess up a code sample. 


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